Maybe there is life in Venice, CA, that doesn't involve the beach; iron pumpers and Suicidal Tendencies, since that's all you seem to hear about. Yes? Of course, there is always EXCEL! Their demos were major impression sessions and now with the release of their first album "Split Image", the direction of EXCEL is officially exposed. Combining a rabble-rousing attack of metal with deep hardcore roots, the outcome is thick and heavy with sudden excursions into the rapids. EXCEL is definitely brick material, hard and sturdy. Not suffering from snare core, they advance with sonic power and creep forth with an awesome fatness. These ten tracks are butter waiting to melt in your mouth. The standout numbers are "Insecurity" and 'Split Image". Look for the wickedly insane colored sleeve in your neighborhood noise destroys shop and Excel to the register. 

Pushead - Thrasher Magazine 2/1988.